Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Half Term at Asbury

Asbury House have had a busy half term week in February.
It started with children's paintings on Monday afternoon.
On Tuesday was the Shrove Tuesday with nice and yummys pancakes made by a very good cook.
And on Thursday there was a Ping Pong Tournament. Everybody enjoyed playing and watching...
Check out the pictures bellow.

Children's paitings on Monday

Shrove Tuesday photos

Ping Pong Tournament photos

Monday, 8 February 2010


On Saturday, 6th February 2010, Wesley and Asbury Houses had a Charity Tournament to raise money for the people in Haiti. There was Pool and Ping Pong games at the tournament. The event took place in Wesley House. The residents of Asbury House (about 13 people) came to join residents at Wesley. It was a great afternoon!

The winner of the Pool Tournament was Ali (former resident in Welsey House) and the winner of the Ping Pong was Amir (resident of Wesley House), both from Iran.
Congratulations to the winners!!!
The money raised for Haiti was £96.71. This amount will be added up to the £172.00 raised during the Half Marathon, happened in October 2009. The final total of the amount raised was £268.71 and this amount will be send to Haiti this week.
Thank you for everyone that came to the tournament and all the donations!
Photos of the Charity Tournament for Haiti